How does it work for the online Advisory Services

All of our Assessment and Strategy Advisory services follow a similar 4 step process:

  1. Online Questionnaire
    After your order is paid and accepted you will be invited to take an online questionnaire which will allow us to assess your business.
  2. Industry Expert Interview
    One of our Industry Expert will be in touch with you for a quick exchange about your business specifics. He or She will then score your business and draw a set of recommendations.
  3. Legal Expert Review
    Our Lawyer will then review all the information provided and will provide inputs and feedbacks on the assessment, especially on the legal matters.
  4. Summary Report
    A four-page PDF document will then be finalized and shared with you for your perusal.

At the moment we only offer 1 type of service that can be ordered online in a generic manner: Amazon EU Readiness Assessment.

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Starting from $499
Amazon EU Readiness Assessment 

Coming soon are The Corporate Strategy (Company Formation), The Fiscal Strategy and The Logistics Strategy services that will be provided for an entry price of USD 999 per initial stage strategy.

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