Amazon EU Rapid Readiness Assessment

The European market presents significant advantages for any international seller as it offers one of the largest e-consumer bases in the world.

The European Market and especially if you are looking at selling through Amazon Europe can prove to be challenging all the way from the entry point and up to the reporting and potential banning of your Amazon Europe account.

Our Rapid Assessment service allows you to identify your current readiness level and will provide you with best practices and will highlight the elements you need to address in your business. As we get a better insight into your products and situation, our experts and legal team will be able to provide you with key suggestions and recommendations. The Amazon EU Readiness Assessment is a must-have for any business that wants to make an informed and strategic entry into the Amazon European Market.

Our Rapid Assessment service will cover the key points from the following themes under the light of the European Union regulations:
> Corporate Readiness
> Legal Readiness
> Fiscal Readiness
> Logistics Readiness

For each theme our experts will analyze and score your business, focusing on the most critical aspects of the covered area. The output of this service is a four-page document with an introduction to your business context, it is then followed by a scoring matrix about each critical point of each theme. Infographics and visuals will help in understanding the position of your business within the different readiness levels. Finally, our Industry Expert will provide suggestions and recommendations before the document is reviewed by our lead Lawyer.

This service does not include Legal or Technical Advisory and is focused on understanding where you are in terms of readiness to Access the Amazon EU Market. This service will help you understand the important points you need to address and will provide you with a reference to reach for each studied theme.

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Amazon EU Readiness Assessment 

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